Order Mastering Services

JP Masters is ready to assist you with all of your audio mastering needs– from CDs to digital files, we’ve got you covered and can deliver your master in whatever final format you need.

Ordering mastering services from us is easy:

  • Place Your Order

    Tell us what you need and pay via Paypal

  • We Confirm

    your order and estimated delivery timeframe

*NOTE: Files should be stereo .wav or .aif files at regular volume levels– do not send .mp3 or .mp4 files and do not maximize the volume.

Have questions before ordering? Contact us— we’ll be glad to answer all of your questions about our mastering and other services.

If you are planning to use our mastering services, we will be happy to listen to your work and provide our recommendations on how you can optimize your final mix for mastering. Just place your order below and send us your mix in progress, and we will preview it and provide guidance at no additional charge.

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