Audio mastering services

Below are reviews of our mastering services from just a handful of the producers and artists we’ve been privileged to work with.

Great Ears

5 stars

“I have relied on Dave’s great ears for over a decade. I trust him as a professional and as a friend.”

By Far the Most Trustworthy and Talented

5 stars

“Dave Locke is by far the most trustworthy and talented mastering engineer in the business today.”

The Only Guy I Trust Mastering My Clients’ Work

5 stars

“Dave Locke is about the only guy I trust mastering my clients’ work– he is my first choice for clients to consider. In all these years never a misstep, he’s my Big Brother of Sonics who knows how to make our work impress the masses.

“He’s fast, reasonable, musical and never a hint of EGO in the final product.”

My Top Choice for Mastering Engineers

5 stars

“Dave Locke is my top choice for mastering engineers, over the past year he has become my ‘go to guy’ for all of the projects that I produce, mix and engineer. I recommend him to all of my clients with great confidence and they have been extremely satisfied with the finished product.

“It’s a great feeling as an engineer and mixer to know that someone like Dave can compliment your mixes in such a way that even I, who is extremely critical with my own work, can be blown away by the finished master that he sends. I often feel like I am listening to the songs and mixes for the first time again!

“I look forward to continuing to work with Dave as the years go on and find him such a pleasure to do business with!”

Thrilled Doesn’t Do What We Are Feeling Justice

5 stars

“Ricky and I are… are… WOW… thrilled doesn’t do what we are feeling justice!

“Thank you again for adding your magic to our tracks! We contacted our friend Jake (aka: Robot Bomb Shelter) and sent him his mix… he called screaming and crying just like us, hahahaha… it’s just that final step to hours of work that makes it come together. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. We don’t know HOW you do what you do, but it’s brilliant. Thank you for such a quick turnaround as well. Amazing.

“We’re almost done with the album tracks and can’t WAIT to send them to you… hope you like the other cuts…


Very Happy with the Result, Will Recommend

5 stars

“When I started the music with my first artist, I had a mediocre experience with a local sound engineer. I am extremely grateful that I had the occasion to work with Dave and have our tracks professionally and properly mastered without fault. I am very happy with the result and will recommend JP Masters at any future date.”

Great Mastering at a Very Reasonable Price

5 stars

“Great mastering service at a very reasonable price. Fast response on change requests. Can clearly recommend their service.”

If you choose us to provide audio mastering services for you, we will work hard to make you just as happy with your final master as these clients were. If you want changes, let us know and we’ll make them!

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